It Disaster Recovery

In today’s business world where time is money, the reliance on a stable IT infrastructure is a must.

But no matter how stable the IT infrastructure is, disaster can strike. To ensure business continuity from an IT perspective following a disaster, a proven tried and tested means of providing users with access to a recovered system is vital.


    Access to customer’s records, accounts systems, files and email are all taken for granted on a day to day basis, but if these resources are not available, running a business is impossible.

    We believe every business regardless of size requires a tried and tested business continuity plan. The cost of implementing a Disaster Recovery plan can differ widely and Connect Systems can provide advice in line with recovery time requirements and budgets.

    There are a wide range of scenarios which may result in a Disaster Recovery invocation which may include–

  •         Total System failures

  •         Extended Power failure in the office

  •         Human error

  •         Natural disasters

  •         Fire

  •         Theft

  •         Security issues making building inaccessible

    Our Disaster Recovery plans provide the peace of mind that, should disaster strike, IT is one issue that is taken care of.

It Disaster Recovery